How to choose wonderful vacuum cleaner for your home

vacuumVacuum cleaner is amazing cleaning machine for your home because it will remove all dirt in your house. Especially it removes the dirt in furniture because we don’t have any facility to wash your furniture so vacuum cleaner is the best one for your furniture. Different kind of vacuum cleaners are available in the market so we have to choose a best and branded one for your home. So in below we have to see the specifications and pros and cons of a vacuum cleaner.

Specifications of the vacuum cleaner

This vacuum cleaner is a designed by a cyclonic technology and this technology involves the sending a steam air through a cyclonic cylinders.  Cyclonic cylinders will make a spinning air in spiral path once the air spins the dust and remains will get clean. Cyclonic technology helps you to keep the filters cleaner for long time and it will provides the no loss of force in the dust canister fills. In this vacuum cleaner having the several components like:

  1. Turbo brush tools will remove the dust on stairs, cushions and fabric.
  2. Crevice tools are the best attachment in this vacuum cleaner because it removes the dust in corners, narrow places.
  3. Dusting brush helps to remove the dust in furniture, lampshades and shelves.
  4. Extension wand is a tool and it is attached to end of the plastic wand.

The Crevice tool, dusting brush and turbo brush tools are attached in the end of the extension wand or end of the hose.

Features of vacuum cleaner
This vacuum cleaner hose is “Stretch hose” and it is a 6 feet in length and it is having a 25 feet long power cord. All types of vacuum cleaner are com e with HEPA filtration, this type vacuum cleaner having two types of filters. One is a pre motor filters and another one is post motor filter. The pre motor is washable and it should be cleaned once in a month. The post motor filter is not washable and it is a fancy filter. In case your place is too dirty means it gently clean the furniture material and this vacuum is a light weight and it is at 15.5 lbs. so it is not too heavy it is an average weight of the vacuum cleaner.


  1. This vacuum cleaner cost is affordable compared to other branded vacuum cleaner
  2. It is an average weight
  3. Assembling and reassembling is too easy in this vacuum cleaner
  4. It really works well on pet hair
  5. It having a strong suction

So this vacuum cleaner is best vacuum cleaner for your home and you can buy it in online. There are lot of websites are there to buy a vacuum cleaner. This vacuum cleaner has more advantage and now day’s vacuum cleaners are more essential for cleaning a home. Consider your house is too big then imagine your situation for cleaning your entire house so buy a best vacuum cleaner for your house

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6 thoughts on “How to choose wonderful vacuum cleaner for your home

  1. Oleg92 says:

    It is too easy to clean my house and the performance of the vacuum cleaner is too high when compared to the previous vacuum cleaner of my house

  2. jir says:

    It is the perfect vacuum cleaner to remove the pet hair. Because in previous I am really suffering to clean the pet hairs but now this vacuum cleaner helpful to reduce my work

  3. Kelly says:

    I am asthma patient so once I clean the home then asthma will increase but now days I am feeling good because of this vacuum cleaner

  4. Momba says:

    I am working women so I am not spend most of time in home I have a 7 year child. So she is only used to clean the home because the weight is average so even a child can use this vacuum cleaner

  5. milly says:

    it is awesome machine I never seen those kind of vacuum cleaner and speed of the cleaning also more amazing when compared to the other vacuum cleaner.

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