Things to be take care while choosing the cannabis

Find the right medical cannabis strain is not easy. But before buying cannabis or finding any dispensary the patients and caregivers should know the different kinds of the weed cannabis and their uses. There are many variables to consider while choosing the right medical cannabis strains. Those people are lucky who access to the cannabis friendly doctor that provides all the necessary recommendations for types of products. But most of the people have to do little experiment before they find the right fit for them. To make the things little easier to find the perfect cannabis strain a brief guide is here for you.

How can you choose the right medical cannabis strains for you?

There are two types of group to keep in mind while choosing the cannabis strains. The first one is strain classification and the other is cannabinoid content. The first concern is used in the dispensaries and the second is for quantifiable test results. People can take the advice of reputed doctor who have knowledge about the quantity and usage of right amount of cannabis which do not affect the body.

Strains are classified into three broad groups:


The indica is described as physical relaxing strains that provide heavy bodies. The plant of Indica has big leaves and short height as described by the dispensaries. Indica strains are beneficial to reduce the anxiety; chronic pain and improve the appetite in your body.


The plants of the sativa are tending to be tall and slow growth pattern. In dispensaries sativa are taught to provide more energetic effect and which is quite similar to a cup of coffee and black tea. It is used for getting daytime relief, moderate pain relief, reduce depression and improve the focus and concentration.


Hybrid plants are well balanced and have dominants of both indica and sativa. It is beneficial to do some research before buying the hybrid strains. A wide majority of cannabis strains out there are hybrid because it has the combined benefits of indica and sativa.

What the symptoms are of withdraw of cannabis?

Although, cannabis provide many health benefits but many people uses it for long time which can create problem for the future. Giving up cannabis after using it for long time is challenging for every people because the body of him has to get used to functioning without is which is quite more difficult. The symptoms of withdraw many last for only a week but difficulty in sleep may defect that person for longer. The withdraw symptoms of cannabis include:

  • Anxiety and irritability
  • Craving for cannabis
  • Nightmare and restless sleep
  • Aggressive and angry behaviour
  • Loss of appetite

The effect of taking cannabis with other drugs which include prescribed medicines can be dangerous and unpredictable. Cannabis is sometime used to help with the come down effect of drugs. However using cannabis for long time can cause reduces motivation, poor memory dependency on the drug and different health problems. The advantage of the cannabis sometime overweighs the disadvantages of it.

Andrew Walter